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EdTechDigit Innovations uniquely combines our two-dimensional approach with immense and deep practical knowledge in tech education and digital strategy. We offer experienced and comprehensive help for a wide range of businesses, organizations and individuals in creating the perfect perceptions in the industry. Have a closer look at our offerings, and let’s talk.

Articulate. Activate. Evaluate

Many organizations and individuals often think about how they are being perceived in their respective industries and people. The perceptions are important for both organizations and individuals for a thriving business or career growth. At EdTechDigit Innovations, we understand this fact and have come up with a unique combination of our services that involves marketing transformation for businesses and individuals. We are working with companies such as The Branding Quotient and The Marketing Quotient that help us work on our self-determined perception model – Articulate, activate and evaluate.

You must first articulate on the current marketing efforts of your organization or yourself and then review the results you got. Further activities must be activated to keep the ball rolling and develop perceptions for a better result. Finally, you evaluate all the efforts and measure the achievements. EdTechDigit Innovations provides personal branding and digital marketing services. We also provide the online training and classroom trainings on various technical domains.

  • Personal Branding

    We believe that a brand is all about trust. People value the trust and faith they have in you or the organization you represent. It is the reflection of the value bring to the table – it matters a lot. You as a brand, will always be respected in you circle, organization, teams, and clients – thus moving up on the ladder of career growth. Many a times, deserving people with a lot of talent lag behind due to inappropriate perceptions. We can help you build the right perceptions and increase your visibility.

  • Digital Marketing

    Marketing cannot be traditional anymore, the current form of marketing must be available across multiple channels, allowing multiple brands and products to meet customers on their terms – on various devices, various times or platforms. This and a lot more has changed and is constantly evolving with technologies such as AI and Machine Learning. We help organizations, businesses, and governments to work in tandem with the latest technologies, marketing strategies, tools, designs, user experiences, social media, content, and a lot more.

  • Online and Classroom Training

    With the arrival of the new normal post COVID-19, learning is never going to be the same like before. The difference in online and classroom learning has shrunk and the only difference is now the physical interaction. EdTech organizations, educational institutions, and universities, providing classroom trainings have switched to online mode around the world and are leveraging the technology to impart learnings. EdTechDigit Innovation understands this change and is helping organizations specific to Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Digital Marketing, in developing capabilities for online trainings. We also help organizations to develop classroom training capabilities. We work with the leading training services provider xPertIQ and deliver world-class services to our clients.

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